What we do

We work to advocate on behalf of racing owners and their wonderful horses to help connect them with the best possible retirement opportunity. Our retiree's have transitioned into a wide variety of careers including: western, dressage, eventing, show jumping or simply pleasure riding. In some situations, injuries may prevent an OTTB from becoming a sport horse, but that doesn't mean we turn our back on finding them a home. Some ex racers go on to live fulfilling lives as companion or therapy horses; the sky's the limit!!  We firmly believe there is a right person for every horse. 

How it works

We work on a first-come-first-served basis, to an approved home.

If you see a horse listed on our website, please contact us for more information, and to begin the process. 

We will work with you to discuss your needs, and identify which horse could be your best match.

Purchases can be organized sight-unseen, or we can arrange a time to meet the horse. 

To ensure the well-being of both horse and new-owner, references will be required.