About Southern Belle

Hi, I'm Katie Larsen.

        My love for horses began at an early age, and I was fortunate enough to ride and compete on some beautiful horses in the world of hunter/ jumpers. After taking a hiatus from riding in my early twenties, I found myself missing the horses and wanting to get back in the game but this time on a different level. I wanted a project horse, something I've never taken on. I purchased  "Mia Bella Amore" a racehorse who's career at the Fort Erie Racetrack had come to an end. We began the re-training process and have developed a truly unique partnership.

        My interest in Thoroughbreds became amplified, so I contacted her previous owner about learning to exercise race horses. Shorty thereafter, I found myself on the Fort Erie Race track galloping and breezing these incredible animals. It was at that time I decided this is a breed I wanted to surround myself with. In spending time at Woodbine and Fort Erie, I noticed the influx of gorgeous horses who I knew would inevitably reach the end of their race career at some point.


        With my connections in the show world and new friendships at the track , I asked the race horse owners to let me help them rehome the horses into new careers once they are no longer suited to run. Thoroughbreds are making a comeback, but the backside of the race track is not an easily accessible place which is where I come in. I've made it my mission to help these horses find the most promising home , best suited for their specific needs once their running days are over. With the constant threat of the horse meat trade looming in the horse racing industry, I have strong preventative measures in place to ensure all horses sold through me will never end up in a compromising situation.