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Now We Are Nine

Now We Are Nine



Retirement Year:


Thirty (Now we are nine) went to his first horse show this weekend at our local exhibition. Getting 3 4ths and a 3rd in all his over fences classes. He was also a saint and we used him for my daughters (3 years old) leadline class. I love that horses off the track handle the crowds of people coming through the barns, like it’s a normal thing. Thirty was a fan favourite, always greeting the kids walking by! He was completely unfazed by the rides in the background, even with so much to look at he was all business as usual. He went in to our flat classes with horses cantering up his butt without a care. We are all so in love with him and get compliments all the time about how level headed and affectionate he is! He’s really changed a lot of people around here’s opinions on off the track thoroughbreds. Thank you for bringing me to my heart horse ❤️

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