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Jimmy's Love

Jimmy's Love



Retirement Year:



Well.... we did it!! He has recovered so well ♡♡ He honestly is one of the best horses I have ever owned and I want to thank you two for everything you guys did for us! Katie you held him for me until I could come see him and kept everyone that was interested in him away essentially lol you made his forever home with me happen and I am forever so grateful ♡ Stephanie, you took care of my boy and helped us so much with all my questions and even made a trip out to his rehab facility to follow up and you were just so great the whole way through. You are one in a million! I am just so over the moon with how well Chance and I have bonded and I didn't ever think I could love a horse like this again after my pony that I had for 16 years passed away. Chance has made my depression disappear and has been a huge blessing in our lives! ♡♡

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