A Day in the Life 

Southern Belle

My boy and I....taking a moment together before our walk to the race paddock. He finished second that day ;)

"Athena's Legacy"- One of the toughest retirement situations I have had to face- unfortunately Athena succumbed to his injuries. Rest in peace you beautiful soul.


At the 2018 Royal Winter Fair Thoroughbred Show- there were a few Southern Belle Retiree's in attendance!

Morning cuddles with "Dark Ale"- My favorite stallion at Woodbine!

Candid Kiss with "Bottom's Up" after a cool down walk.

Walking off the track after my October morning gallop on this gorgeous steed.

Myself and Brad, breezing head to head at Fort Erie Racetrack.

"Fiery Bear" and I- the one gelding at Woodbine I have been waiting to help retire....He needs to stop being such a dam talented race horse!

Jimmy's Love meeting his new family.

Falling in love with the horses I list...

Heading down to the track.

Myself with Robin and co, picking up Sir Kaden from Woodbine!

I rode "Warlord" for a viewing- yep he took me for a ride.

The biggest horse to ever be on my page!!

"Bottoms Up" and I, walking down to her last race of 2017.