Where are they now?

My Silver Dollar

"She does everything in a double jointed hollow loose ring snaffle. She was second after dressage and she finished third and the kids only been competing for a year and it’s her 4th event. I’m just so so so proud of the mare !"- Rae Anne

Owner: Rae Anne

Sublime Symphony

Meet Sublime Symphony, also known as "Piper". She came off of the Fort Erie Racetrack 8 months ago and has recently turned 6 years old. She has started her new career as a Hunter/Jumper and is loving it! She has such a sweet temperment and is a quick learner. She is in the beginning stages of going consistently round on the flat and jumping a full course.

Owner: Holly

Empty Threats

"ET is doing amazing. Never mind his wonderful movement and athleticism, the best thing about him is his sweet steady mind. At his first hunter pace, he was exposed to his first XC jumps and w/t/c in a group on a soft rein the entire time. In a french link snaffle and loose noseband no less! He’s a joy to work with every single day."- Erica

Owner: Erica

Inside Man

"Inside Man born march 2015. Got him on September 2018, was just off the track. We started working in December and here's where he got in a few months. I couldn't have hoped for a better horse"

Owner: Catherine T

Silent Dance

A beautiful update from our 2018 Retiree, “ Silent Dance”. He and Emma ( his rider) won the Quebec Eventing Championships this season in the pre-entry open division. What a great team!!’

Owner: Emma

Brixton Hill

Brixton Hill looking brave as ever with his partner in crime, Lindsay!! He's loving his new life in eventing and you both look the part!

Owner: Lindsay B

Rock Hard Doll

I adopted “Rock Hard Doll” (Ricky) now named Denali back in February, and I have been in love ever since. The first week she learnt how to stand still, and ever since she never takes a step when being brushed and tacked! She is hands down the most mellow OTTB I have ever met that has come off the track so recently. Our second ride we went WT and she immediately went into a frame, needless to say it brought me to absolute tears! The first time I worked with her on the ground was completely at liberty, she was able to walk across Liverpools, over bridges, without a single tool in hand. She even would trot beside me at Liberty as well!

Owner: Jill


“ Coppersmith” aka “ Finley”. Our 2018 Retiree has enjoyed some downtime and is now training over fences and on the flat ! His new owner has described him as her dream horse and the two of them will be heading to the Royal Winter Fair for the Thoroughbred classes next 2020❤️

Owner: Lindsay

Cold Ash

Cold Ash came off the track 6 months ago and is adjusting to hid new career as an eventer like a superstar. He has the best puppy dog personality and likes to please even when asked to do new things. He is the total package with a great brain and even better looks. We are planning our first event this summer!

Owner: Jennifer

Miss Trinity

Our 2018 retiree “ Miss Trinity “ ! Learning to fly for the show season this year. 

Owner: Lisa G


When I first took Click home with me, I knew I was in for something special. He takes to things with nothing but ease and determination and he is always eager to try new exciting challenges. As a first time horse owner Click has taught me a lot about taking something from nothing and building it into something amazing. Our journey has only begun and things are only going up!

Owner: Kat

Cruzin Calvin

"Calvin is absolutely fantastic! He figures things out so quick. He is extremely smart and talented. Racing might not have been his thing but jumping sure is! Does not matter the size of jump, he gives full effort."

Owner: Sharon


Tikal was one of our favorite three year olds!! He is enjoying his new show horse life with the Diana Burnett eventing team and even took the Winter off in Florida. What a spoiled boy! :)

Owner: Diana B

Incredible Dee

"He's getting better and better every day. He's all I've ever dreamed about owning! He is the most kind, good natured horse I've ever been around..and definitely has a heart of old. He loves going for hacks in the fieldds in woods. Soooo excited to officially get him started in the spring!"

Owner: Marley

Lake Simcoe

I bought Simcoe aka Lake Simcoe, last October and I couldn’t have asked for a better horse. We worked a lot on the basics throughout the winter and he was introduced to jumping and Horseball, which he both loves! He’ll make his Eventing and Horseball debut this season and I can’t wait to see how it goes!

Owner: Melissa

I'm Majestic

“You were right about him having spirit !! I’ve had him almost two years and he’s been the most challenging and also the most rewarding young horse I’ve ever sat on. He’s brave and bold and loves to go for gallops!! Thank you for being a stepping stone in the path to our partnership “

Owner: Sam


Cassandra with Braveman at the Kentucky horse park 2019! this was one of our first retiree's to compete at the Retired Racehorse project. They have some such a long way in just 10 months from when he first left the track.

Owner: Cassandra

Minnow Money

One of my favorite duos- "Minnow Money" is healing up from a suspensory injury he sustained at the track - he's slowly getting back into work with the fabulous Katie. 

Owner: Katie

Nana Gail

I love these two!! our 2017 retiree showing off her moves with Amy in the pilot seat. She jumped around the trillum 2'3 hunters without putting a foot out of place. " A" circuit hunter in the making!

Owner: Amy

Southern Diva

“Southern Diva has been off the track a year now. She competed at the 2019 Thoroughbred Makeover , rides with the Battle Creek Hunt and will jump anything you point her at. She has sass but there is nothing she won’t do for you !” - Kallie Z

Owner: Kallie Z

Mystic Falls

Mystic Falls aka "mimi" came off the track in September 2017. I gave him a winter break. I started to train him in barrel in March 2018, he shows a lot of potential in this discipline. He learns very fast! He is really calm an quiet, we could never say he race in his life. When I saw mimi for the first time I knew that this horse would be the horse of a life, he is exceptional and he is my soulmate. Its that kind of horse who understands me and makes me better everyday! Thank you katie for making it possible.

Owner: Emilie

I am who I am

"I am who I am, now named Odin, is doing awesome! He is just the most affectionate horse I've ever met. We've recently started jumping and I'm hoping to take him to a couple jumper and mountain trails shows this summer. I've ridden him bitless since his first ride with me and he has been incredible. He is also super fun at liberty and really seems to enjoy clicker training."- Mikaela

Owner: Mikaela

Ultimate Blue

"Ultimate Blue" the one eyed wonder, war horse who was a fan favorite at the track! He has found his calling on the Quebec hunter circuit, making waves and winning tons of ribbons with his incredible new owner. I absolutely love watching this pair together!

Owner: Catherine

Seeking a Glitter

"Seeking a Glitter" aka "Glitz" is settling so well into her life as a show horse! Most recently, she was the top placed Thoroughbred and winner in the Thoroughbred Incentive Championships for the Development Hunter Series at Twinholm Trilium show! Way to go guys.

Owner: Mel

Jimmy's Love

Well.... we did it!! He has recovered so well ♡♡ He honestly is one of the best horses I have ever owned and I want to thank you two for everything you guys did for us! Katie you held him for me until I could come see him and kept everyone that was interested in him away essentially lol you made his forever home with me happen and I am forever so grateful ♡ Stephanie, you took care of my boy and helped us so much with all my questions and even made a trip out to his rehab facility to follow up and you were just so great the whole way through. You are one in a million! I am just so over the moon with how well Chance and I have bonded and I didn't ever think I could love a horse like this again after my pony that I had for 16 years passed away. Chance has made my depression disappear and has been a huge blessing in our lives! ♡♡

Owner: Amanda


"Asterism"aka Remington has made so many positive changes since Kim took him home. He was a little high strung at first, but has completely relaxed into his new surroundings. The pair have began to form an unbelievable bond and Rem is even ponying her kids around!! such a transformation,

Owner: Kim


"Houdini" the stunning steel grey who lasted less than an hour on my page, looking right at home with his new owner!! Can't wait to see you and Marisa out on the circuit!

Owner: Marisa

Single Action

Southern Belle Retiree " Single Action " now known as " Royal Attica" looking fancy in her dressage apparel!! She even went over her first jump last week ...... looking to start eventing next year. Thank you for the update Eva!

Owner: Eva

Miss Vivi

" Miss Vivi " looking pretty confident in her western gear ... practicing for one of the RRP elements. Good job Jorden!

Owner: Jorden

Blue Wave

"Blue Wave" and his new owner Chelsea, posing for a pic before they head home to Nova Scotia! Match made in heaven... wishing you both the best of luck on your new adventure together ❤

Owner: Chelsea

Clarkston Gaelic

"In the few months I've had him he has made huge improvements. We have a bond now he tries so hard. Best 3 year old ever!"

Owner: Chanelle


The first Southern Belle horse to ever be rehomed .... Saffiano. Not only did he score with an incredible, loving owner.. but I made an amazing new friend!! Im so grateful that you have come into my life ❤thank you for providing Saffy with the beautiful life he deserves.

Owner: Meagan

Smooth Spirit aka "Renegage"

Meet Renegade, also known as Ren. She came off the track in August of 2017. She did a month of flatwork and she showed such a willing and eager personality we thought it would be fun to take her to a fun day event at the end of October where she came 5th out of 18 horses. She has proved to be a quick learner and a fun ride to take out into the cross country field. Her training continued with lots of off property schoolings where she shows the potential to compete in higher levels in the future.

Owner: Darby

Sir Kaden

Sir Kaden came to us in November of 2017 with a fractured knee as a shaggy, dirty, and rough-around-the-edges horse that suffered a severe case of rain rot all over his body. It took weeks for Kaden to settle and finally figure out what a treat was or how to react to love and attention. After 5 months of stall rest, light turnout, and time to get used to being loved, Kaden was slowly brought into work with the intensity slowly increasingly. After just 6 weeks of work, Kaden went to his first horse show and dropped the jaws of everyone. This boy wanted to make us proud. His looks are stunning in the hunter ring with the perfect temperament, incredible balance for tight turns for jumper or equitation. He has even started some light cross country schooling, and all without batting an eye.
Katie gave us a description of Kaden and it couldn’t have been more accurate. He has the perfect temperament for any discipline and, like all of the horses posted by Southern Belle Thoroughbreds, was just in need of some attention. We could never imagine walking into the barn and not seeing that sweet face that Katie gave us the opportunity to give a second chance at a good life.

Owner: Hunter

Bank on Jon

" I swear my heart has grown 3 sizes since he arrived. So thankful for you bringing him into my life!!"

Owner: Jay

Vitamin G

"Abby has been retired from racetrack since July and she arrived here October 15th 2018. Since then she keeps impressing us every single day❤️ she loves cuddling and is a barn favorite because of her incredible sweet personality🥰 it’s been only 4 months and she has made so much progress since she’s here, and we now plan to show her this summer in both hunter and jumper ring! She definitely love her new job❤️"

Owner: Sarah D

Hell of a Storm

"Hell of a Storm- First cross country school!- He’s a very good boy, honest and athletic and really sweet!"

Owner: Andrea S

For U Mike

"For U Mike" (now May Queen aka Eleanor) and her new owner Pattie, winning the class and overall Reserve Champion of their jumper division! Thoroughbreds do make incredible show jumpers with all that speed and agility ;)

Owner: Pattie


"I abolustely LOVE LOVE LOVE my mare by "Old Forester". It hasn't even been a year since her last race and she has taken to the jumper world like she's been doing it all along!"

Owner: Tia

Determined Dancer

Our 2018 retiree looking scopey as ever while he trains for a new career in showjumping !! What a power house duo!

Owner: Lindsay

Never Quit Dreaming

" Never Quit Dreaming" and his new owner, Ashley! Just months after leaving the racetrack, the two pictured here attended a dressage competition and won both tests! looking like absolute pros.

Owner: Ashley M

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